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Oliver Kongolo is a highly driven individual that enjoys learning every day. He loves to travel and he believes that we should all strive to be a citizen of the world. He prides himself on giving back and encouraging others to do so. His motto is “Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do it”, he wakes up every day to this mantra. He also believes that it’s never easy to get where we want to be in life but with persistence, hard work and self-belief, we can.


Oliver Kongolo is a Supply Chain and IT UKZN graduate. He majored in Supply Chain to learn about how products are manufactured, supplied, procured and delivered to the end customer. He found interest in this as not many people understand how a vehicle, for example, is produced from the raw material to an actual operational vehicle. Customers usually just have visibility of the showroom but never know the process. His curiosity of this allows him to understand how products are made end-to-end. This knowledge aids him to identify customers’ needs and wants and to use this knowledge to produce products and services that people may need or even not be aware that they need as yet. Oliver has a major interest in technology. Technology is a major driver of how products are manufactured. In varsity he discovered that he had a knack for mobile applications and embarked on learning how mobile apps are developed as mobile devices are used by a lot of people around the world.

Varsity Work

Whilst working for the University promotions team, Oliver was scouted at a campaign of which he was working at and was offered the opportunity to join Platinum Group, which is a retail stores group. He grabbed the opportunity with both hands and worked as a fashion stylist for Aca Joe(Durban). As he worked on the weekends and school holidays, he gained a lot of experience with dealing with customers, sales, customer experience and restoring clients self-confidence. He thrived in this environment as clients asked for him by name.

After leaving Aca Joe to focus on his studies, he was shortly discovered and offered the opportunity to model for a lot of major retail brands in South Africa, such as The Hub, Game, Mr Price, Ideals, CB Stores just to name a few. He also gained a lot of self confidence in this period of his life which has formed him to be the confident man he is today.

He was a successful Professional print model under Models International Management.


He has experience in marketing & brand launching  and has managed promotions/campaigns for numerous brands under Broadcast Promotions. Oliver is also quite the creative, with his work varying from sketches to digital portraits & caricatures using (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, SketchApp) & client logos & designs. Not only is he good at taking your idea and putting it on paper but he may might as well help you get it off the ground. He believes that since we live in a DigitalEra we should stay updated and informed about how our world is changing through technology. Over the years he has picked up web development skills, mobile app development skills and is quite familiar with a few design patterns in the development space. The following are a list of development languages he is experienced with:

C#, Java, Swift, VB.Net, SQL, Javascript/Typescript, HTML5, CSS3/Sass and still learning more.

Oliver is also quietly influential, he is dapper & keeps his life private which creates a lot of intrigue & mystery.

He is a man of few words & many talents.


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